Our Story

Stay Original

Our love affair with cars began in 1996 with a Safari Beige 1981 BMW 528e. It represented freedom and fun. Back then, many repairs were costly and inconvenient.

Today, there are many new products and processes that have made these repairs significantly less costly and easier to complete out of a van. So, we can now offer high quality repairs for less money and conveniently complete them on site.

Whether you are a dealer, a collector, or a commuter, Dynamic Car Renewal offers affordable services to add value and enjoyment to your vehicles.

Serving the greater Charleston area, our services are 100% mobile so we can provide additional convenience for our clients. We offer a wide variety of services so our clients can get multiple repairs completed at the same time, saving time and money.

Our goal is to repair rather than replace car parts to keep cars authentic and save money. So, stay original! 

Renew Your Vehicle